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Costs and payment methods

Costs covered by compulsory health insurance (basic health insurance)

In order to facilitate access to psychotherapeutic services, Swiss Federal Council announced a reform regarding the referral system of psychotherapeutic services, which came into effect on July 1st, 2022.
As a consequence, psychotherapy by psychological psychotherapists is a service now covered by mandatory health insurance (= basic insurance), on the condition that the main prerequisite is met: the need psychotherapy must be decreed by a physician's order.

The order for psychotherapy is issued if there is an indication (= medical reason) for psychotherapy: i.e. a mental illness or a mental diagnosis is present or you have mental problems that can be improved by psychotherapy. General medical practitioners (e.g. family doctors), physicans specialized in psychiatry or paediatricians may make the indication for psychotherapy.

This medical "order for psychological psychotherapy" (see download here) must be available before the first appointment. Please bring your health insurance card with you to the first appointment.

The rates are determined by the basic insurance. 90% of the costs of your outpatient psychotherapy are covered by basic insurance, you have to pay 10% as a deductible.

Basic insurance initially covers 15 sessions, after which – if necessary – an additional order for 15 sessions can be applied for. After 30 sessions, an assessment by a psychiatrist is required, who will forward this information to your health insurance company to check whether the treatment will be covered again. The invoice is usually sent directly to your health insurance company.

Additional insurance

Many supplementary insurance companies contribute to the costs of “non-medical psychotherapy”. Ask your health insurance company about the possibilities. We meet the requirements for billing via supplementary insurance and are registered with santésuisse (concordat of health insurance companies) on the list of recognized psychotherapists.

Disability insurance ("IV")

If the disability insurance (IV) has approved the costs for psychotherapy, the costs will be borne by the IV up to the age of 20. We meet the requirements for accounting via the IV and are on the list of the Federal Social Insurance Office ("Bundesamt für Sozialversicherungen" - BSV).


Private financing - self-payers

Of course, it is also possible to bear the treatment costs yourself. You therefore regard the use of the psychological or psychotherapeutic service as a personal investment in your health and well-being. A possible advantage for you can be that you enjoy absolute discretion, i.e. that no information about the treatment is passed on to third parties (e.g. doctors, health insurance companies, insurance companies, etc.).

The fee is based on the tariff recommendations of the Federation of Swiss Psychologists FSP:

  • Individual session of 60 minutes (in the practice, by phone or online) including preparation and follow-up: CHF 184.-

  • Sessions in a multi-person setting (couple, family, employer talks) à 75 minutes: Fr. 250.-

  • Other services such as the preparation of reports, correspondence with doctors, telephone calls to relatives, etc. are prorated in 10-minute units, i. H. à Fr. 36.-, charged.

  • Invoices are issued monthly with a payment period of 30 days.

Victim support ("Opferhilfe")

If you are the victim of a crime (e.g. abuse, kidnapping, robbery, stalking), you have the option of applying for the costs of psychotherapy to be covered under the Victim Assistance Act. For more information, please contact the victim support service in your canton of residence. For Zug, this is the Opferberatungsstelle.

Missed appointments and missed meetings

Agreed appointments are binding and will be charged at the known rate if no cancellation is made in good time - which means at least 24 hours before the meeting. The cancellation can be made by phone, email or SMS etc. Missed sessions will otherwise be billed, regardless of the reason.

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