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Are you struggling to cope with personal troubles, crises or a psychological disorder? Is your life burdened by certain behaviours or emotions and thoughts, such as dread and anxiety? In any of these cases, psychological counseling or psychotherapy can help ease your suffering.

We take a holistic approach by integrating occupational, familiar and social factors, including favourable resources as well as burdensome stress and risk factors, with you being in the centre of our perspective. This approach opens up multiple possibilities for treatment. Hereby we meet you as equals on a level playing field, with you being your own experts, while we help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself as well as identifying and fulfilling potential goals, on your way to a higher quality of life and an increasing well-being.

In our first sessions and conversations, together we will evaluate if there is simply need for a cursory consultation, or rather for a more thorough psychotherapeutic treatment for a psychological or mental disorder.

As federally licensed psychotherapists, we specialise in methods of cognitive behavioural therapy. CBT utilizes evidence-based techniques and strategies to treat a large variety of psychological disorders. Additionally, we implement complementary hypotherapeutic, imaginative and relaxational techiques.

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Psychology Session
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